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Rnc is back. We started in 2001 in a small garage with a CNC mill and started making parts for companies like Standard Bykes,S&M,Tree Bike Co,Animal,Atomic,Revenge,Bizhouse,Haro the list goes on. We eventually developed our own product line and were the first to make many titanium parts for bmx. Sadly in 2006 due to material prices skyrocketing and customers going to China for cheaper parts RNC had to close it’s doors.

So after a 15 year break we are back and plan to bring many new innovative

ideas to the BMX world. One of them being our heat treated titanium. Heat treating our own titanium allows us to achieve levels of strength comparable to 4130. This is going to be a game changer!!! 

Also we will be doing much more testing than before by taking our products

to their load failure limits and comparing them with other companies products all in an effort to make our products the lightest and strongest possible. 

Check back on our website for the latest products and news on what’s going

on with RNC.